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[Tutorial] [CoD2] Record And View Demo's.cfg

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[Tutorial] [CoD2] Record And View Demo's.cfg

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Recording Demos

Start recording with /record demoname - example /record Dawnville1
Stop recording with /stoprecord

Preparing Demos to View

Download the demo and drag it into your CoD or UO demos folder (If there is no demos folder you have to create one, name it ''demos''). Drag the dm_2 demos into your CoD/demos folder, the dm_3 demos into your UO/demos folder and your dm_1 demos into your CoD2/demos folder. Sometimes you have to unzip your demos so you can't watch them yet so extract all the demos to the correct demos folder.

[Default CoD Directory - C:/Program Files/Call of Duty/Main/Demos/]
[Default UO Directory - C:/Program Files/Call of Duty/UO/Demos/]
[Default CoD2 Directory - C:/Program Files/Activision/Call of Duty 2/Main/Demos/]

Viewing Demos

Open CoD MP/UO MP/CoD2 MP and when you're at the main menu open console with the button below escape (`) and/or (~).
If you dragged the demo in your demos folder it should have got the name (I take Dawnville as example) Dawnville1.dm_2
Type in console /demo Dawnville1 Do not put the extension (.dm_1/2/3) behind it, just leave that.

Now you can watch the demos! I hope we won't get a lot of questions anymore since a lot of people are having trouble with this.

Viewing Demos with Seismovision

Also it's worth mentioning the Seismovision Demo Player, as it will start the game and the demo for you just by opening the demo file, making it much easier to watch them.

Download Here!

Then open Seismovision options, and enter the application paths. For example, CoD DM_2 options enter the path to your CoDMP.exe(usually C:\Program Files\Call of Duty\CoDMP.exe)

For UO you do this for DM_3 options, and for CoD 2 its for DM_1 options, entering the correct path to the games MP.exe

If you did that correctly then your demo files should now have an icon corresponding to the game they're for, and you'll be able to open these files from any location to start watching the demo.

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