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[Read This First] Rules Teamspeak & Discord

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[Read This First] Rules Teamspeak & Discord

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Discord Rules.
Rule 1. Don't be disrespectful to anyone!
Rule 2. Don't advertise and watch your language!
Rule 3. Don't spam on our website, game servers and teamspeak server!
Rule 4. Don't mention anyone without an appropriate reason!
Rule 5. No racism of any kind!

Teamspeak 3 Communication Rules.
In-game, but also in third-party programs like TeamSpeak, it is expected from players to treat each other respectfully. This applies to general chat, team chat and quick chat (e.g. 'Yes Sir!&#39)
Spamming, swearing, offending and harassing are all strongly discouraged and may lead to serious punishments. Whining to and annoying other players will cause general disfavor and can lead to a kick or ban.
The content of the message mathers. Do not make fun of historical, controversial events or other possibly sensitive topics.
Advertising and recruiting is not allowed except when for unionsqd-gaming itself. It is allowed though to ask contact information for further dialogue.

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