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[CoD2] zPAM3.33 Released

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[CoD2] zPAM3.33 Released

Post by Vuzqii »

Mod zPAM3.33 is a new version of PAM mode for CoD2.


The code from the previous version zPAM 2.07 was completely rewritten and ported to a new code base, which helped in the implementation of new features and bug fixes.

Work on this PAM was initiated by me in 2015 and was never fully finished. On corona days, I decided to finish it.

❗ Note ❗
This page describe only actual version zPAM 3.33.
To see description of previous versions, click on the links in

zPAM 3.33 changes (click to open)

[3.3.72] New streamer team for auto-spectator features
Is completly rewrited, new method for mouse and key detection
Hotkeys to toggle Auto-spectator, replay kill, toggle XRAY, toggle showing hit values, follow player
Auto-killcams will be played at the end of the round even if auto-spectator is off
If the killcam is too long, the round end timer will be extended
Auto-spectator will predict player positions to improve switching to players in right situations
XRAY will be turned off by default
Player's left and right boxes are now not sorted by score, but now by client number (for easier hotkeys)
Player's left and right boxes now contains info about weapons (similar to CSGO)
Spectators are automatically set ready-up
Score progress now indicate who called the timeout with via team color
Player progress will be colored via team color to better indicate the players count situations
Added kill count for individual players in current rounds
Adjusted the font size of XRAY - now it will dynamically change the size based on distance
Text who is planting / defusing the bomb
2 color modes - blue and red, cyan and purple
[3.3.73] Plant - added timer showing time left to explosion; when bomb is defused, it will show the remaining time till explosion
[3.3.74] In the strat-time period, a new "weapon drop" sound is played when you drop your secondary weapon (helps people easily detect where you drop your weapon)
[3.3.75] Clearing the console after auto-recording started on each map (to avoid the need to scroll down the console)
[3.3.76] Aim-trainer on FIX maps available in readyup
[3.3.77] Updating of the scoreboard every round to have it available when replaying demos (scoreboard is by default updated only when is opened by player)
[3.3.78] Added empty name protection - if empty name is used for first time, player is warned and renamed. The second time player is kicked.
[3.3.79] LOD models - forcing tanks, cars, trucks, and artillery flak to be always rendered at high detail (this fixes holes in models at long distances)
Fixes / Improvements:

Readyup: fixed "welcoming" text that were not showing when you joined team + added info about time to readyup (halftime 2min, timeout 2min, between maps 5min)
Scoreboard menu: possibility to set players color from menu also in readyup
Overtime: score is not reset in overtime now; when map ends up with 12/12 score, the end score limit is just increased by 4
Grenade "eater" bug fixed - when you pickup grenade from ground from enemy team, that grenade was not dropped when you die; now all grenades will be dropped
Fixed clan team names - sometimes the last character was cutted off
RCON kick player list was extended from 16 to 22 lines
Strat: removed bot's icon above head
Round report: hit to Body was renamed to Torso-lower and Torso-upper
List of players left: fixed empty names
Fixes for HQ and CTF server crashes
Restoring to original smoke rendering
Updated FIX maps, they will be named mp_toujane_fix mp_carentan_fix mp_dawnville_fix mp_matmata_fix mp_burgundy_fix
Improved "hand hitbox fix" (fix was not applied when head point is behind cover + double shots bug fix)
Improved "consistent shotgun" - distance between players is now more precisly counted between attacker's eye origin and enemy pelvis origin
Adding the distance between you and the enemy for shotguners into round report
Fixed team menu not opening when "russian" sub mode is used on russian maps (via rcon menu or via /rcon pam_mode comp_russian)
Added more info into /pam_damage_debug to have better understanding why some of the hits occured
Fixed swapped map score history in match info bar - score was sometimes swapped from player's view (Toujane 13:6 instead of Toujane 6:13)
Fixed missing smoke for shotgun in CTF, HTF, TDM
Improved team name generating
STRAT gametype: added clock timer
Fixed TDM halftime missing in time sub pam modes
Fixed "&&1 Wins!" string in DM scoreboard
Dawnville: fixed splash MG stuck bug when MG fix is applied
DM gametype: restored DM objects + MG
Weapon usage is now generated for each individual weapon, not by class
Scope and shogun auto-drop protection when you pickup weapon from the ground was improved by disabling scope / shogun pickup when there are other players near by; pickup is allowed only when the player who owns the weapon is near by the weapon

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