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Hello, nice that you show interest in our community. We would like to welcome you.
Here you have the possibility to create a clan request to join our clan.
Please use the sample below as a starting point for your application.
We would like to briefly explain to them what points they need to fulfill for a membership request.
Select the ''Squad'' you want to join. Goodluck Comrade

Below you can see our clan site rules >> Rules <<

1: Personal attacks on people will not be tolerated. You may argue maturely against a view or opinion, but not the person.

2: No Discussion about hacks or cheats except the way to prevent them.

3: Watch your language:- Foul, offensive, racist or crude language as well as swearing is not welcome.

4: Respect every ones opinion and each other.

5: No Arguing with admins (listen and learn or leave).

6: No Fight, Racism, No Whine.

7: No Spamming. Do not post the same topic in sevaral boards.

8: No Aadvertising. Any adverts about other servers or websites will be deleted, and the poster will be banned.

9: Use the search button to look to see if a problem has already been discussed before starting a new thread.

10: No posting of pornographic material or links to porn sites.

Attach a file to assist us in making our determination on your application.